Magic of Believing

Today in a yoga class I got to drop from Urdhva Danurasana (wheel or upward bow) forward into Ustrasana (camel).


It's fascinating — no matter how long you’ve been practicing, there's this moment where your mind starts screaming, there is no way your knees will ever touch the ground, no matter what you do! You feel the tension between the desire to freeze or back away, and the urge to keep going, even if it means falling.

It’s both terrifying, and exhilarating. It’s:

Will I give over to my fear or can I keep stepping forward in trusting the path already there, even if I’ve not been down it, or am temporarily blinded to it?

Because, see, in this transition there’s a stretch where you literally can’t see where your body is, how far you have to go before your knees touch, how much more you need to lift your chest or whether you will even be able to come all the way up into Ustrasana before you collapse like road kill on your mat first.

It requires a bit of faith in first believing it's possible you can, while then also surrendering into the Unknown that already KNOWS you can, but is patiently and delightfully waiting for you to believe it—or at the very least willing to try. And then learn, and try again. And again.

Of course, the ultimate things is, either way, you’ll be ok.

Life is like that: you are going to cross the finish line at some point. And, honestly, sometimes you do gotta back out until another day. Or, maybe sometimes this is the day is the day you go for it, showing up courageously with your vulnerability and curiosity.

So it's in the TENSION between the pain of remaining small and un-actualized pushing you forward + urge of the vision of what’s possible pulling you forward that we learn to FOCUS — sharpening our understanding of the energies currently at play, and discovering how we are working + living with them.

As for me today, I had awesome fun. The moment of the I can! coupled with the desire to encourage others nearby was palpable and magical, inflating everyone with the spirit of joy.

Delish, I tell ya!

It’s always the micro in the macro, and the macro in the micro. Magic is everywhere. We just have to believe, and come out of our comfort zone a little.

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ” — YEATS

Elise LorimerComment