I asked myself last night,
looking to populate my journal with words,
“what if I took in the word ‘word’ itself?”
word — !

first, I saw myself tumbling
down the leg of the ‘w’
only to be brought up to a peak
and then again down
and one more time up,
as if to gain enough momentum
for a beautiful airborne leap—
including a sweet flip or two—
into the center circle of the ‘o’
playfully splashing around for a bit
in the spacious loop of her pool
until I’m ready to climb again
up the arm of the ‘r,’ and tenderly totter
out to the edge, like a diving board designed
for the great dive of a lifetime,
landing squarely in the center of the ‘d’
until I’m inspired to climb
to ever higher heights of understanding
on the outside leg of that ‘d’

savoring the letteriness in this way
I discover there is much more contained within
than the simple, surface definition.
there’s a playfulness
and a delight,
an exhilaration
and a whole world of experiences
running within the word
first there was the word,
as God said, 
and the word
was good.

what if God was right
and we’ve been missing
the delight of it all,
trapped in the needing
to intellectually understand, 
the experience of the word
rather than just existing within it—
it’s contours,
and textures,
heights and open spaces,
curiously exploring,
savoring the nuances, 
available in every sweeping gesture
of the

Elise LorimerComment