Out On The Edges


Come with me
Out to the edges
Of what you know.
Let's sit for a while
Feet lazily dangling off the floating dock
Caressed by the Atlantic waves
While we drink in the heat of this flaming canvas
Drowning out any last thoughts of our day
In the overpowering blast of a sunset. 

We'll consider the almost-night sky
Ablaze with lingering impressions
Of well-lived days
And blossoming hopes
Of what-might-be tomorrows
Painted with the bold, broad strokes
Of fiery oranges and screaming yellows
And sunset blues
Such that we forget
We were doing something
Someone told us we should do,
And instead remember
Our being something
Is far more satisfying to our souls. 

Come with me
To the edges
Of what you know
So you can forget
What you know,
And then remember,
And again
And again
Who you are.

- E.Lorimer 2017