4 Steps to Practicing Self C.A.R.E.

Daily rituals can be such an effective way to realign with your creative, innate self. It a way of centering—a practice of self-honoring, tuning in, and a dedication of expressing gratitude all at the same time. It’s like cleaning your home and setting it up with flowers, candles and good music for when your friends come over for dinner. A bit of mood-making in preparation for the good things to come through more easily, because you took the time to care.

I developed this practice through my own explorations, in the package of a simple acronym for easy recall for you: An act of “Self C.A.R.E.” Care being:

Clear, Align, Receive, + Embody

I find it quite effective just before my meditation practice, as I prepare for my day, but you can do this anywhere, anytime. You’ll just need a minimum of a way to get quiet and still, allowing yourself to turn inward.


Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and focus on releasing the stresses in your body and in your mind with each exhale. Sometimes I envision a giant shoot under me, reaching from my root all the way to the core of the earth, that I channel all the mental and physical debris into, releasing more with each breath. Once you feel more grounded…


Ground yourself by envisioning your own roots growing six feet into the earth. Then open your crown, the top of your head, creating a channel between you and the center of the galaxy. Allow the line between these two places, the center of the earth and the center of the galaxy, to move through the central channel of your own spine, lengthening you up. Consider drawing in a stream of golden light, through the crown, and through your roots, allowing it to meet and meld in your heart, and infuse your whole body.

Take a moment to enjoy any pleasurable sensations that arise in this space. And then when you’re ready, and if it feels right, drop a question you have into your awareness field, or even a simple, “show me what I need to focus on today” is good.


Continue to sit quietly and simply notice now. Notice everything. It might be sounds that arise from outside—a bird—or you may see a color, or sense a voice speaking to you—dropping in a word or a sentence. Or maybe you don’t notice something; it’s all good. Just the act of showing up and receiving is enough. Being willing to sit, without knowing or expecting, is a practice of letting Source—the well from which you’re creativity flows—know you’re ready and available anytime.

Sit comfortably, continuing to breathe and notice for a few more moments to minutes, until you feel inspired to move on. (I recommend five to seven minutes to start. Set a gentle timer if you like.)


Now the fun begins. When you’re done, breathe in again a little deeper. Say, “thank you,” and then open your eyes. Consider jotting down anything you noticed while in receiving mode. Complete your Self C.A.R.E. moment (for example, if you lit a candle, blow it out) and then go on with your day, with more presence. As you do, notice if perhaps other messages come through during the day, in line with your inquiry. What information are you learning? How is it guiding you forward?

Self-care, really, is an act of self-love, self-protection, and self-expression. And this simple practice can be done anywhere, anytime. Getting ready for a job interview? Perfect. Take a few moments in your car and C.A.R.E for yourself. Heading to a first date? Stop before you walk out the door, and practice C.A.R.E. for a moment with yourself. About to hit publish on your website, or send an important email? Yup, you know it; take a moment and C.A.R.E. for yourself first. Then when you move into that moment, you know you’ll be good to go.

Clear, Align, Receive, + Embody. A simple practice that’s worth the time.