"I suggest you try again..."

Obe One spoke to me, as I was driving along the Truckee River the other day, I swear.

The river’s current was carrying me towards my destination – with a Spotify playlist creating the perfect soundtrack – and I was flipping through mental snapshots of my life in 2017.

“What do I need to know from all this to create my next steps?” I wondered. Images gathered like debris caught in the folds of the riverbed, aching to coalesce, alchemize, and break free to flow again within the divine intelligence already aligned within me...


Coming in pure and cool, the river metaphor opened up further in my mind. I saw myself floating in the sinuous waters and considered: have I really – fully – let go of the river’s edge? I’ve come a long way, letting go of so much, certainly. “But perhaps,” the quiet voice in my head said, “you can let go all the way this time, trusting in a full surrender. You know –

“Flow free.”

I saw it, then – I sensed how many times, how many ways I have almost gone all the way.  But instead, at the last moment, I held onto some semblance of what I’ve known, what I’ve been taught, what someone else said – my fingers tangled with random branches, grasses, a broken heavy stump, or whatever I could reach as I passed just to slow myself down a bit, to feel in control of the massive shifts in the currents – rather than letting go into the exhilarating freedom of a euphoric faith in Life.

Yet the whispered, consistent request still comes, “All the way, Sweet One!” 

As if to punctuate this, suddenly – within the song playing I’d never heard before – Obe One Kanobi broke in, saying quite crisply:

“I suggest you try it again. Only this time let go of your conscious self, and act on instinct.”

I almost slammed on the breaks, stunned by this collusion from the outside with my thoughts inside. This message wanted all the way in! Instead I guffawed (cuz, you know, guffawing is AWESOME). This life is a movie, projected within the mind, and being 3-D-ed to make it seem more real. And. Exactly. 

Try again.

Let go, all the way.

And, Act from Within the Heart of the Flow.

(link: Aatlas, “Sunset Over Manaan”)