The In-Between Space


Oh, yes, That In-Between Space.

We’re here more than not, and certainly more now than ever. You know that space. It’s also known as the space between stories. The space where you know you can’t go back, but you might not yet know how to go forward, as the new story isn’t yet written. 

But, child, listen, it’s not ever going to be written like that. The writing happens in the living in, the living of, the in-between space. And when we grow comfortable — or at least ok with — that, then the dynamic, creative life force that infuses literally everything can begin to use you as a color of crazy relief and unbelievable beauty and open-ended joy and surprising magic, such that even you will bow down to the incredible wisdom and outrageous mystery of it all. 

Until then, do as I do, and look for magic in the moments, the unexpected places where love and beauty penetrates your soul, and you open, just a little bit more, to the possibility you can live there.