Opting Out; Listening In

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Spring is springing here in Tahoe – finally! Life is unfolding and singing her songs of rebirth, renewal, and playful harmonies. It’s hard not to run outside every moment, if it weren’t also raining. Ha! 

But then, there are those perfect spontaneous moments when, in a rain break, you heed the call of nature and amble out the door for a hike to who-knows-where exactly. What happens is a series of musical notes that – when strung together – create the symphony of the day: sweet, confiding like a whisper of delight, soothing, nourishment of the body and mind, and the just-what-you-need moments to keep you courageous, filled with wonder, and present. 

This was my adventure: a hike up into a new area with an unknown resolution. And every time I’d run into doubt, or bear-run-in possibilities, a human would coast by and – after a brief chat, and a petting of their water-soaked dogs, or another who helped me orient and then circled back to offer me some water – I continued on, buoyed by the magic of inner guidance in union with all. With Her nature. 

There is some crazy shit going on these days, to be sure. But still, we are all held. The rhythm of Her voice is here, calling. Nature unfolds and folds and unfolds and folds – like butterfly wings – and if we listen, we can learn to rest in the center of it all, in the heartbeat of the pulsation.