MEDITATION. Here's the thing...


Frequently, when I tell people I have a daily mediation practice, the next line out of their mouths is, “Oh that’s so great. I wish I could. I’m so bad at meditation” or “I can’t meditate” or even, “I don’t have the time for it right now, but someday.”

These are all so. not. true.

You CAN’T be bad at it; NONE of us are.

You CAN meditate; we ALL can.

You DO have time, because, let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time on our devices than is necessary or likely healthy. Why not donate some of that time to grow more familiar with your own “device”— aka your own self?

Most importantly, meditation is not about achieving some ideal level of “perfection” — of no thoughts. Seriously. That’s like asking the wind to not affect the surface of a body of water. Impossible, right? Rather, it’s the gaining of awareness — the discovery + remembering — that those waves created by the wind (thoughts) are not the lake itself (you). 

Through simple inner focus and mindfulness, you can learn to orient yourself around the spaciousness of your inner being, such that when it IS a very windy day (read: stressful, anxious + even euphoric), you learn to ride the waves, harnessing the power behind them + liberating yourself from the false understanding that you are the wind itself, or the waves it creates.

All while staying the center of your own heart!

The GOOD NEWS: when you are meditating and DO NOTICE you are (again) consumed with thoughts + then remind yourself to focus again on your breath, or mantra, or sensation (depending on the technique you’re practicing) THAT is the VICTORY. Because in that moment? —

In that moment you’ve chosen to become AWARE.

And THAT is where your freedom grows. That is where you dawn in the understanding you are not your thoughts. Rather, you can choose what you tune into. So, EVERY TIME you realize you’re in thoughts again, it’s a CELEBRATION. 🎉

What then?... ✨Cumulatively, a more steady + easy joy emerges. Like this captured image from Tahoe one glorious day,  an inner stillness + spaciousness is available to you, regardless what happens on the surface of your daily reality.

It can start with a simple minute a day.

Seriously. Try it for 30 days. Use a timer. Close your eyes + attend. Make a little self-commitment for a minute a day for 30 days + discover what happens.

Or maybe it’s 10 minutes. Or 20. Just try —

For one month choose discovery over the “fake news” belief that you can’t, don’t have time, or it’s too hard.

Choose to discover what might happen if you attend to your self, rather than your devices, for just a short few moments every day.

If you need help, or want to know more, let me know.

And if you do it for 30 days, let me know.

I’d love to learn about what you discover.