Hello, Diamond: Living Our Nature


It’s in the gentle nudges of the heart that She whispers to you. There, always present, always generous, corralling you onto your own path.

And yet, most times we barely even hear Her, so enrapt by the trappings of a modern culture designed to make us consumers of - well...everything - rather than co-creators with Her.

But She’s there: that knowing, that place, wilderness within, that - while radically feral + ripe with the unknown - when aligned with it, and Her, everything simply feels right.

You know this place. We all do; no matter how far astray we may find ourselves, we have moments of homecoming.

They may surprise us, delight us, or awash us in tears of grace - or maybe even terror.

But when they happen - in that moment - a bubbling joyful simplicity is reclaimed + a clarity comes of next-movements-needed that may have seemed invisible only moments before.

And so, we learn.

Again + again, we re-member. We let go of the illusions, the stories that keep us tightly bound to suffering the discomforts, needing to consume more to ease them, until we embrace our truest nature.

We learn to soften + melt, re-discovering what we’ve known all along:

It’s in the surrender - our willingness to self-align with Her gentle + fierce constancy of heart-centered nudges - where we grow light + brilliant - transforming in that inner fire - being polished into the diamonds we already were, and always, meant to be.