Thriving Together


Why do I seek the “more” meaning of things,

of Living? Of Life?

Much of the time I look around, this world makes little sense. What is it all for? What is the ‘why’ for creating a world where we’re taught to value money over humanity; train people to excel at being consumers, rather than creative generators; put hierarchical value on lives based on arbitrary labels like gender + race; and perpetuate models of scarcity + fear over regeneration + helping another who has stumbled in life - (who, let’s be honest, could be us in any given moment?).

Searching for the ‘more’- what’s beyond the 5-sense world of known - or expected - experiences, enables me to stretch back into what’s delightful about living now:

  • A sense this world is but the outer crust of a much more intelligent and thoughtful expression of energy that is in a constant evolutionary yawn towards optimality through each of us all the time.

  • Where Unity + Grace + Love + Creativity are beautiful verbs of living well - capable of weaving together a truly remarkable, brilliant interplay we can all dive into.

  • Where we can taste the sweetness - that nectar - that’s bubbling up from the deep well within, spilling Joy generously outward touching anyone + everyone.

It’s there, that ‘more-meaning space,’ that I seek to know with such intimacy - bringing it forward into here + now - so we can once again remember

that we are, after all,

living + breathing together.
Evolving together.
Loving together.

Thriving - not just surviving - together. ❤️