The Power of 'Yes, And..."

This beautiful sunset unfolded in front of me and my pup friends, and I have to say, shit got crazy-creative out there. 💖

Made me consider the improvisational nature of any creative expression. As a culture, we generally reduce the act of improv as “not a necessary skillset for good living.” Being successful doesn’t normally include the spontaneous nature of things; we are taught to know what we need to know and follow the path already there — to seek security first.

And yet if you watch a sunset, even though they happen every night, it’s always an improvisational dance - you don’t know what you’ll get. You sit on the edge of your seat, whispering, “Yes, and?…” -drinking it in.


Then, sometimes, if you’re lucky, the shimmy + shake is profoundly jaw-dropping enough to render you speechless.

This is it: when we embrace the “yes-and” nature of improv - playing with it in any aspect of our lives - instead of the “yes-but,” we open ourselves to the co-creative experience of designing a life infused with Grace and synchronicities we couldn’t have imagined.

The “yes-and” offers us a way of acting ourself into a new way of thinking, rather than thinking ourselves into a new way of acting.

It’s action, rather than strategy, that opens up our truest nature.

“Yes-and” moves us away from our cleverness and into fuller engagement with what-is, the now, unfolding.

In this case, on this day, “yes-and” expressed as an active sky, mountain + lake painting that dropped me into deep, deep gratitude.

And that is a great place to be.