See Something Possible


Creatives tend to challenge the status quo, break us out of our prosaic lives - and that’s a good thing. We need that, because, as Carlos Cruz-Diez says,

“Art should be a part of our environment to send noble and nourishing messages to our robotic-like pedestrian soul.”

We get a chance to snap out of compliance, and grow curious + thoughtful again about the lives we’re creating - these fleeting experiences strung together to make a life.

And check this: it not a requirement to be an in-your-face, rage-against-the-machine kind of challenge of the status quo all the time. Rather, it could be a simple re-alignment with what-is-possible married to the questioning of why things need to be the way they are - and engaging in dialog + discovery.

Creatives see something possible, and something possibly out of alignment, and are urged to explore it, to play with it, maybe even celebrate it.

It doesn’t have to be aggressive - sometimes challenging things can simply a nudge of curiosity in a new direction, a question. And that gets the dialog started.


What are you waiting for?