Always Belonging


I’m in discovery – intentionally trying not to repeat what I have done prior or what I’m seeing being done. Being more interested in what I’m noticing in this moment.

Can I then capture it, bringing it all the way through? Can I listen so deeply, so presently to that force — the Creative One’s desire animating my every move, your every move, everything’s every move — coming through my uniquely-configured sense organs, and offer up what I’m receiving, pure + unfiltered?

You see, I find if I’m constantly engaged with outside sources – media, brands, even people – my own voice begins to meld into the way everybody else is talking, writing, understanding + creating.

We are exceptional mimics, copycats, learning the rules of survival from day one. I am no exception.

But I don’t believe we’re here for just survival. I don’t think it’s always about fitting in, blending in, melding. I hear the urging inside, and the wise voices pushing on the edges of this story, saying, “You don’t have to ‘fit in.’ Sing your own note, grow the sound, the vibration. This is why you’re here.”

The note that doesn’t necessarily sound like everyone else.

The one that has it’s own pulse, rhythm, ripple; a new note meant for building on the melodies in a new way.

The note that always belongs, even if it doesn’t seem to fit in.

So I’m practicing.

I’m practicing hearing my own voice — growing tenderly + fiercely intimate with it — so it can come all the way through, as it’s so naturally designed to do when I’m not questioning the fit.

To stop looking outside of myself for how.

Learning to fall into the riff of notes I am meant to be — natural, vibrant, alive + embodied — within the new song in this symphonic resonant new story. Capturing my unique note + singing it out.

Because this: Even when I don’t feel like I fit in, my voice will always belong.