Engaging Your Imagination

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Consider this:

If you don’t actively engage your wild imagination — the space where possibility resides + unbounded everythingness just ‘is’ — then soon enough something will.

Fed with a steady diet of hypnotic content by the external world, your imagination gets entrained with the masses of sleeping souls wondering how things got like “this.”

Then, sadly, your own unique dreams fade until life becomes a series of daily gestures predetermined by those external things instead of your deepest desires.

But if instead you actively engage your imagination, it becomes one of your most powerful tools + allies.

For when you actively engage it, thoughtfully feeding it a diet of your own design, fueled by your truest desires + attending to it’s unbounded need to create anew, something new does emerge.

Giving it the playground of your dreams to run free in, you learn to harness the feralily of your imagination.

You practice galloping bareback on those powerful shoulders of endless possibilities, and learn how to ride with the fullest expression of your own awareness + creativity.

It’s there in the perfect recipe of your imagination + your dreams + a dash of your willing engagement, that you learn to channel it all through you, on the wings of your own breath.

Elise LorimerComment