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Marcy B.

music producer + docu-series creator

[Elise] is insanely creative, a storyteller, and a deep thinker that will provoke you in the most thoughtful way to help you get the most out of your project. She will take you on adventures through your creative process and point out exciting things you could have missed if she weren’t there. ...I don’t know where I’d be on this project without her! My docu-series…has evolved now to a personal, relatable story about connection through shared experiences. It softened in the most beneficial way into something that expresses what we all crave.

will B.

writeR, director + PRoducer

Consulting with Elise has opened up so many great story possibilities and cleaned up countless holes and ‘blockades’ to my story’s progression. It’s now much more clear, grounded and overall better storytelling. [Her] ability to create a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere, her patience—really everything about her and her approach—made a world of difference for me. It laid the groundwork for so much more to be accomplished and in a most enjoyable way. Of all the professionals I’ve approached regarding feedback on my script, Elise’s touch has made the greatest impact without question. 

Sarah R.

health & sex coach + mom

Elise is something I can only best describe as a combination of fearlessness, belief, directness, and love. She holds an open expectation of what I’m capable of, and seems completely unconcerned with my “reasons why I cannot” so that I am willing to try and succeed even before I consider holding back. ...Working with her has been invaluable in helping me with my story, my leadership skills, and my spiritual development. 

tim L.

business professional + author

Talking about my characters with Elise was about the best thing I ever did. She works from curiosity, not criticism. Elise...knows everyone must find their own way. [She] creates a safe space where you can unlock your creativity. This is her genius; she shines a light where you may not have known you needed it, and you see so much more than you knew was there. I would recommender her without hesitation. 

Elise P. 


Working with Elise provided a major step forward in my business growth and freed me up to do what I'm actually good at. There is no judgement with Elise. She truly listens and asks provoking questions in order to dive deeper into your inspiration and vision. She encouraged me to think bigger and provided an approachable way to explore areas I previously shied away from. I would highly recommend Elise.