Work With Me 


I work with creatives in developing their stories, projects + ideas through simple, practical techniques, integrated with effective insights + grounded in body-mind awareness.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Are you a trailblazer? An explorer? Maybe your soul sees new possibilities for living + being. As a true creator, you desire to make your visions + ideas become reality. You just need a little help aligning + bring them out. This is what I do.

You’ll get: 

  • A fresh (deep + wide) perspective for your project, vision or voice.

  • A place for exploring your ideas + stories in a productive, engaging way.

  • Re-ignition + guidance for when you’re stuck.

  • Practices + techniques, both practical + holistic, to get your project running smooth.

  • Celebration + nurturing when your own critic is so screaming loudly your creativity seems to have gone missing. (It’s not.)

  • A regenerative + safe arena for activating your deepest mission to live beyond your head.

All specifically designed for your unique project, story + life.

Creativity depends your ability to bring into reality the impulses, visions + stories from deep within. To both grow intimate with the ways your innate nature expresses itself, as well as having committed, focused practices that can bring it all forward.

I'VE WORKED WITH A wide range of courageous + creative clients:

  • Writers, Directors, Producers, Artists, Screenwriters + Authors

  • Business Professionals

  • Well-being Professionals + Yoga Instructors

  • Entrepreneurs + Coaches

Check out some of their feedback here to learn more about what you can expect. 

I can help you too. Because I’ve been there.

Through a diverse array of experiences in both creative + traditional pursuits, I’ve gathered useful knowledge that uniquely positions me to help you weave things together – strengthening your voice + vision, clearly developing your story’s narrative arch, while establishing supporting practices for your creativity to properly root + continue to blossom.

Together, we’ll map out an evolving strategy for your own vision to grow clear, your voice strong + for your story to emerge—potently aligned with you at the heart of it all.

How it works

Set up a discovery conversation where we will uncover the intersection of your needs and what I offer. Click here or hit the contact me button below.